Yesterday was really hectic because we had some stuff to do like cleaning the house before Ken's sister, Marie, arrived. She arrived this morning at 9.40 safe and sound. We are happy to have her here for sure. My mum was kind enough to help us out and pick Marie up from the airport. On the way home we got some grocery shopping done and when we came home we ate some breakfast and talked for a good while. Now Marie and Ken have both decided to take a nap while I'd rather blog to say hi to you instead:)

The weather here is pretty wild, it's a lot of rain and thunder. I don't know if we are doing much today. I think we are just hanging out and possibly going out to eat, I'm not sure! Tomorrow I'm pretty sure we are going to town to have a look and do something fun. I'm excited to have an excuse to do touristy stuff again! 

I'll probably be blogging a bit about the different things we do, that could be interesting! I'll keep you posted!

Zander says hi, btw!