Miu Miu

Today Marie, Ken and myself are going in to town, I believe, to look around and do something. We don't know what yet! We have a few specific things that we want to do. We are going to visit Edward Grieg's house, see the Aquarium, go up Fløyen, the mountain, and I'm sure other things too, but we'll see as we go. I'm thinking going to the science museum might be really fun!

It's pretty old news by now, but I think this Miu Miu commercial is so cool! I used to be so puzzled by Lindsey Wixon's face, but it's grown on me so much and now I can't get enough! It's so unique! The same with Georgia Jagger, she is just the most stunning and cool looking girl. Adriana is just a legend, she's been one of my all time favourite models forever! Emily DiDonato is a model I see here and there and she's gorgeous, but I don't know much about her apart from that it's awesome that we are name-sisters! Daphne Groeneveld also has one of those wicked faces that looks so unique and beautiful!