The Perks of Havning the Grandparents Visit

One of my favourite things about having my having my Grandma and her husband visiting is that we get dinner served! It's amazing! Yesterday we had Pork and homemade mash, salad and Mango. The Mango was a recipe from a different country, it was just Mango cubes with a specific dressing on it, it was really good!

Today they made pancakes. They had been picking wild blueberries and made some homemade blueberry jam that they brought for all of us. We had that with the pancakes and we had some bacon. In Norway it's quite typical to have bacon pancakes first and then have pancakes with jam or sugar. It's so delicious! 

I love having them here, it's a lot of fun! I don't want them to ever leave, it's like the house is a little bit warmer when they are here or something. When they leave it goes back to be a little bit colder and I have to cook again! I love cooking sometimes, but when I do it every day, it's such a luxury to get dinner served! It's the best! My grandma has a lot to teach me as well, I like hanging out in the kitchen when she cooks so I can learn how to make different things. This time I learned how to make homemade mash and the Mango cubes with dressing. I think she is making homemade cauliflower soup tomorrow so hopefully I might be able to catch what she is doing and learn that too!

My grandma's husband

My grandma's husband

Cutiepie Roma! 

Cutiepie Roma!