Shopping with the Granny

Yesterday morning my grandma and I decided to have a look in some stores. Apparently she knew about an Asian store around 20 minutes from where we live. I don't really think it was Asian, but it was foreign, haha! They had some really nice vegetables, I love shopping fruit and vegetables for some reason! You can be so creative with it! I also love when stores have huge vegetable sections. 


When I came home, it was a pleasant surprise to see that some creams Mandy sent had arrived! I can't wait to use them, I've already started. There will be a review when I've tried it for a while! The packaging was super cute and the creams smell amazing!! The face cream she gave me I've used before and it's my favourite cream in the whole world, I can not wait to write a review on it! The world needs to see this cream, it actually clears up my skin and makes it glow. I thought that wasn't possible and was something marketing people just say in their ads, and it is, but not in this case. It's an incredible cream.