Stuff and stuff..

Yesterday and today has been pretty hot here. Suddenly the sun decided to come back and say hi, that's nice as usual! Jenny spontaneously (I think) asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her which I was so excited about. I didn't do much the last few days so it was really time for a walk and what's better than to do it with good company?

Last week I was really, really good on the diet and ate so much good stuff, while this week, so far, I have been really bad! After I hurt myself last Monday I couldn't really cook or anything so we had pizza one day and I didn't exercise much so, yeah. Now there is exactly 3 weeks until we leave for New York so it's time I pull myself together and get back to healthy eating! Today I've been really good, I'm planning on having salmon and salad for dinner as well. I always feel happier and more accomplished when I go to bed after a day where I've been eating healthy so I'm excited to be back on track!

Yesterday I had some cold ice tea which was so nice! A little bit too much sugar for it to become a tradition on cold days, though. I better stick to lemon water! And now as I've said it I definitely have to! :)