Sunday Girl

Happy Sunday morning! My last weeks have been so busy every single day so today I'm very excited to have a day where I have no plans whatsoever!

I actually have no idea what to do today. When I have busy times and suddenly have free time I almost freak out a little bit and wonder what to do and who I even am anymore without a ton to do, haha!!  It's said to be thunder here today so I'm excited to see if that actually happens! Since I had a 'naughty' day yesterday eating chocolate and everything sugar related I could find around the house I'm starting today with some lemon water and probably some green tea as well to cleanse out a little bit. Maybe I'll write some more blogs, but I'm not sure, I'll probably have to because that's just what I do! I love to write! There is a blog coming out this evening, but I wrote it yesterday so I could relax today and have a real day off!

If the weather is not too crazy maybe I will take a walk around the water right next to our house later. I'm definitely doing yoga, though! I downloaded a new yoga app! I LOVE the old one I have called 'Yoga Studio', but I had done every yoga program on the app at least 20 times so I thought it was time for a change. I don't think the new app is as good, but it does the trick, it's called 'All-in Yoga'.

I'll probably try to read today as well and just have a really calm day. If I don't get too restless, I think I might really enjoy that!

I'm thinking about setting up a fitness section on my blog to share my tips, experiences, preferences, which apps I'm using and things like that. In a way I really want to because I've lost a lot of pounds by now so I can talk from my experiences and my fitness story is a success story so I do have some valuable views and idéas about it. On the other hand I already have loads of sections and stuff so I'm not sure. I'm very passionate about fitness and I think it could keep me motivated in a way as well so in that sense it's a really good idea! What do you think? Are you interested in hearing about what I have to say about health, fitness, workouts, inspirations and so on?