New outfit out later

Yesterday I spent time in stable riding Zander, my mum was kind enough to drop Ken and I to the stable and wasn't going to stay, but ended up staying to see my ride and stuff. It was great!

On the way down to the locker with the saddle and everything I managed to fall down the last bit of stairs. I'm an experienced faller, I do it all the time, even down stairs, haha! But this time is really hurt. I think I was catching myself with my elbows so they were really sore and I was sore a whole lot of other places hurt too, but I figured it would go away and I'd be fine. The pain everywhere faded a little bit, thankfully. Everywhere apart from one elbow which I couldn't move properly and it was swelling up. We went down to the emergency room and I've been told not to do anything at all the next week!

I'm really bitter about it, I was going to ride both Zander and Albert today and  was so excited! Thankfully Jenny is going to ride Zander and I'm going to walk Albert instead of riding him (don't tell anyone) . It's my right arm as well so it limits me so much!

It's ok, though! It was pretty funny as well. I was hurting all these places and Ken was going to close the room in the back of the car and closed it right on my shoulder! Haha! It was really lucky that my mum waited to take us home instead of leaving straight away as she was going to, she helped a lot! 

Today I feel better already, but I have a huge bruise on my butt in colours I've never even seen before, haha! It's going to be a challenge going to the stable, but Ken is with me so I hope I manage to do everything! 

Later today I will have a new outfit out! I think it's really pretty so I'm excited!