Diet and stuff..

I eat healthy all week apart from Saturdays where I'm aloud all the chocolate I want! This summer I've let myself go a little bit when it comes to my diet. I haven't been too strict, but last Monday I decided to be really strict again and I'm so proud of myself because I've been so good this week! I really feel like I've deserved the chocolate this time and I'm so happy today since I get my fix, haha! I'm also having spaghetti, and instead of wholegrain spaghetti, I chose normal spaghetti! I know. I'm crazy!! Haha!

I don't do yoga everyday at the moment, but I'm riding so much so I usually skip it the days I ride Zander, especially if I take the bus, because the travel there takes forever and is so boring so I just feel like slacking of the rest of the day. Next week I'm riding him Monday and Tuesday instead of Thursday. I'm also riding Albert on Tuesday. The stable where Albert is, is about 15-20 min walk from where Zander is so it's pretty handy that way.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening! :)