Big TV


When White Lies came out with their first album they quickly became one of my favourite bands. I know that many hardcore fans of any band will hate new albums, I suppose because of the change(?). I don't quite get the mentality, my mentality is that I get so excited and always like the material, I support my favourite bands no matter what, kind of thing.

I think it's something about that I feel such a strong connection to the band or artist that make me feel like I almost know them, so no matter what I somewhat understand them even though it may not be as good as the album or single to some ears. I feel like that with Tom Waits, Muse of course, Lana Del Rey, Queens of the Stone Age and White Lies as well. I'm very faithful and loyal to what I love.


I feel like I hadn't heard much about White Lies in a while in media or anything like that so I was afraid they were drifting away and suddenly I saw that they were promoting their new album! I was so excited when I heard! It came out last week and I have been listening to it quite a bit!

I love their previous albums a lot! They have been played a lot. Their previous album remind me a lot of Spain because it came out when I lived there and it was literally on repeat for months!

I really like their artwork on their album. I can imagine that's what Michael Collins looked like when he was orbiting around the moon all along and lost all contact with our planet for a few minutes and was further away than any other human. While Armstrong and Aldrin was on the moon.

I really like their new album, Big TV, and I love the electro stuff they are trying out for the song called 'Big TV'. Charles writes great lyrics as usual and it's pretty catchy! The song 'There Goes our Love Again' is really catchy, the video is really cool as well, check it out: