Sometimes writing a blog that is suppose to be meaningful and great twice a day can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like nothing particularly exciting happens and I can just write that the day was the same as always. Other times, however, like now, I am full of inspiration and have too much material that I'm so excited to share that I have no idea what to share first!

It always put me in a great mood if I write a good blog or I'm full of ideas like now. I just want to be left alone with a pen, paper and camera and do this and only this. I've really become passionate about the blog and I LOVE being creative and push myself every day! 

Later today there will be a new outfit out, I'm really excited about it! I think it's really nice! Ken was kind enough to make another video for me with this outfit and two other outfits that will be out later on. It's with the song 'Walk This Way' by Aerosmith. I love that song so much so I was excited to use it and I think it turned out really well!

Somehow Ken manages to take better photos and make better videos than ever which is so much fun! We sometimes argue a little bit because we have different creative idéas. It always turns out that none of us are better than the other it's just different. Whenever Ken gets his way it's always completely different than what I had in mind, but it just works so well in a way I didn't imagine at all. It's pretty hard, but I'm slowly, but surely learning to trust him blindly. I usually have very strong idéas and visions so that's a little hard for me.