Ashton Kutcher, or should I say Chris..?

I thought this speech was really great and inspiring. I think everyone should see it and think about what he is saying! I love when someone with his success and status gets down to business and is really honest, I always listen up when that happens!

That's one of the reasons I love 'Inside the Actors Studio' as well! I keep watching new ones with different actors almost every day. If you haven't heard of it, check it out on YouTube. It's different big actors being interviewed for about 40-50 min about their lives and career. Because they are not there to promote anything at all, like they usually are, they talk in a more personal way where everything doesn't seem amazing and perfect. It's definitely worth checking out! I don't have any plans on doing acting, but they are all very inspiring people who ha a lot to say and give.

The last thing he talks about, that the world as we know it is created by people who are not smarter than us, I've discovered too. It helped me a lot when I realized it because I started thinking that I'm as good as any. I have only positive intentions and I can allow myself to just be me and not try to be anything else at all:)