My hair


The other day I mentioned a Facebook group called "Buy and Sell in Bergen" where Ken bought a guitar. This time I saw that someone was selling a curling iron really cheap! Yay!!

I have to admit that I never do my hair. Not even if I'm taking pictures. What I may do is blow dry it and pray that I'll have a good hair day. That's as far as it goes. It's pretty funny because I actually do think hair is everything when it comes to looking your best and I always admire well done hair.

That's some of the reason I actually don't do anything with my hair. I want my hair to look as healthy as possible. I honestly feel like the more hairspray I put in my hair the worse it looks! So I never use hairspray. I'm sure it would be better if I learned it properly, but I haven't quite gotten around to that yet.

I use things like leave in conditioner to give it extra moist, especially in winter that is a  great thing to do! I also squish an avocado and put it in my hair before I shower sometimes. I use a heat protector spray when I blow dry it. So I use a lot of products to prevent bad things from happening to my hair and I take good care of it, but I never use styling products.

This, though, will hopefully open more doors for experimentation. I'm excited to try different things, maybe you'll see me rocking some curls soon!

Here are some of my better hair-moments: