New Blog layout and YouTube

Hey everyone:) 

How's your weekend been?

Mine has been really calm, Ken and I have been mostly at home getting used to having the dog around. Bettina seems to be settling in really well. She's not sad at all like she was the first day when her owner dropped her off. She seems really happy! She is the most adorable thing. She always cuddles up to me and follows me around everywhere. Yesterday she kept me company while doing dishes, it's really cute!

I've been working a lot on my blog as you probably can see. I really love this layout! I also changed my 'About' and 'Contact'  section if you want to check that out. Let me know what you think!

I've set up a YouTube channel. Right now we are working on a little experiment of making a video of Bettina that will be up in a few days so we try it all out. We will make other videos in the future. I am especially excited to make fashion related videos and travel related videos. If you want to go and subscribe to make sure you are the first to see them click here.

I posted an outfit blog yesterday, you should check it out over at the Dial EM for Fashion section. I'm wearing my grandmas fur!