Great busy days

Yesterday was a really busy day. Ken and I are dog watching 3 weeks from tomorrow and Ivar, the owner, brought her up to us for her to get to know us a little bit and for her to see the house a little bit. He has a lot of photos of me from when I was little and when I was riding and stuff. He has some nice photos of Rozz and I which is really precious to me. So he brought his computer and I got the photos on a memory stick. I will show some of them off tomorrow probably.

Later on I helped my mum out because she is working a lot and had a guest coming so I went over to clean her house. It was all worth it because she brought home some sushi that we shared, she had saved my favorite Christmas soda so I got that again AND I got a Nemi comic, my favorite comic. Lucky me!

When I was finished I headed of to see Karoline. If you have been following my blog for a while, you'll know she's one of my closest friends. It was really nice as always! She made scones, I was very impressed!  We watched old episodes of Modern Family which is always fun!!