My Scent Timeline

My signature perfume is J'Adore by Dior. I wonder how many bottles of J'Adore I've gone through now, it must be at least 7 or 8. I can always be in the mood for J'adore and have been using it for years. 


I also love Chance by Chanel which I've gone through about 4 bottles and Brit Sheer by Burberry. I like getting them over and over just because they become a part of my life and my past particularly. It's like each scent represent different times in my life. Brit Sheer by Burberry remind me so much of Spain, I used it so much when I lived there. It was never my favourite perfume, but I had to buy it again recently because when I put it on I can suddenly smell the Atlantic Ocean, the pool next to my apartment, the dry wind from Zahara, I can feel the sun on my skin and I can hear my neighbors chitchatting in Spanish. All that as well as the scent itself. If I close my eyes while I put it on I almost feel dizzy or something. It feels really funny because it literally feels like I'm in Spain for a split second, so much so that it gives me a really bizarre feeling and almost frightens me.

I barely have anything left! :( 

I barely have anything left! :( 

Chance by Chanel reminds me mostly about the first apartment Ken and I lived in together in Ireland. I remember that Ken would always compliment my scent when I wore that one. It's elegant like J'Adore, but slightly more playful and light which I really love. I also remember that Ken got me one or two bottles of that specific perfume. It reminds me of the air in Dublin and the lovely local butcher who would order in anything we wanted when it came to meat, he also gave us presents. It reminds me of the local fruit and vegetable shop that I loved and would always go to, the breeze that would come through the skylight windows we had when they were open and it reminds me of learning to cook spaghetti. The last time I wore it here in Bergen I gave Ken a hug and suddenly he said that he craved Yazoo chocolate milk so much which surprised him. I had just been reminded of our previous apartment by the perfume and told him that I was convinced it was because the scent reminded him of it. We used to drink Yazoo chocolate milk pretty often back then.


My J'Adore perfume is something I will put on when I'm going somewhere nice or want to feel extra good, which is almost all the time. It takes me right back to trying to look and feel my best. It also takes me back to going out, parties, travels, concerts, adventure, feeling luxurious, feeling elegant and finding myself. I really felt like I found myself a lot in the company of that perfume. It would almost give away who I was without me even needing to say a word.


Another perfume that has set a big mark on my memory is Nina by Nina Ricci. At least that's what I think it's called. I first had it when I was around 14. It reminds me a lot of my bestie, Jenny. It reminds me of sitting in her pink room watching Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera, smoking for the first time, listening to music, taking interest in piano and finding out that I wanted to learn to play, having heartfelt conversations with Jenny, spending a lot of time at my old riding school and a lot of personal difficulties and some really hard times. I remember that Jenny first had it and I picked it up to smell it, as soon as I did, it was my new favourite perfume, I absolutely loved it and wore it exclusively before discovering J'Adore.

I suppose it's time for a new scent for this era, but I can never tell which scent will remind be of an era before it's over. J'Adore and I will be sticking together for a long time, though! So that's my scent timeline starting with Nina Ricci and working my way forward in time. Do you have any perfumes that left an impression?