Drivers Licence in Progress

Yesterday I had to be up at 6.10 am (!!!!!!) to go to something we call 'slippery driving' here in Norway. It lasted from 7 in the morning till 3.30 pm. At first I thought it was much too long, but it was actually OK! It was really fun and the girls who were there was really nice and easy going so it wasn't boring at all.

We were going to a driving course where we practiced for 30 minutes on three different courses. We had to drive in certain speeds on a very slippery ground and see how long it took to stop the car. I thought that was a whole lotta fun, I'm not very scared of speed and challenging it a little. Especially since I know the teacher is right there and it's a very secure course. I loved speeding up and sliding here and there, I think my driving teacher actually got a fright sometimes. It was very informative too, I learned that by only reducing my speed by 10 km/h, which feels like nothing, it takes half the space to stop the car when the ground is slippery!

We also did a turn between a cardboard car and a 'mountain wall' made out of wood. The ground was slippery and I had to dodge them in different speeds.

In the third course I had to dodge some cardboard people that was standing really close together and eventually moving. It was super fun!  

We were two girls with the same teacher and driving to and from the location we had a 'passing people course'(?). Like, if we need to pass someone that's driving too slow. I was pretty nervous about it and wasn't sure how I'd like it, but it wasn't so bad at all, it was pretty fun actually and nothing at all to worry about!

I always worry a lot when going to those kind of things, but this time I actually managed to relax and trust that it'd be fine which is a big one for me. I didn't feel very anxious going there at all! I started to worry about another thing, though. I'm always terrified of being too late and oversleep. So the night before I had at least three different nightmares that I was too late or was going on the tram to town to meet up with the driving school and the tram wouldn't move! I always wake up really suddenly and check the clock to make sure the alarm haven't gone off and I didn't hear it. 

I woke up at least three or four times before the alarm went off, it's quite unpleasant! Is anxiety really necessary in some way?  Just when I kick one ongoing anxiety I go right over to the next, it's like a terrible addiction! I'm always pretty nervous about oversleeping, though, I have to admit. I hate it, but I'm sure I'll kick that one too if I work on it. It would improve my sleep a lot I think, especially if I get into a morning job or something where I have to get up like that everyday. I couldn't be that nervous over such a long period of time, that's just not healthy :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  

This face just happens early in the morning, I guess! 

This face just happens early in the morning, I guess!