Beautiful rainy days and Iron

Now the sun has really left town and the rain says hello. It's raining quite a lot, but there is nothing wrong with that! Both Ken and I have been productive around the house and have been tidying and cleaning all day. It's great! The house feels 'lighter' then or something. It's a lot more enjoyable to be home when it's cleaner.

We had a lot of fruit lying around and there were a lot of fruit flies in the kitchen! Gross! Now we've thrown out everything and are hoping for the best, which is that they leave? Like, where do they go? And where do they come from in the first place? Oh, the big questions in life.. Haha!

I'm a little bit bummed by the thought of Bettina going home tomorrow, but it'll be fine! Tonight we are having beef for dinner which I'm really excited about. I always love some beef!

Speaking of meat and stuff. I use this calorie counter MyFitnessPal (highly recommended, btw!!) on my phone that also keeps track of nutrition.
According to the app I never get enough iron in my diet! I know you get iron from meats like beef and leafs like spinach, but there is really only so much beef and spinach you can eat in one day! I usually prefer fish and chicken over dark meats with more iron, anyway. I'm suppose to reach the 100% mark of needed Iron every day, but the most I have ever gotten is maybe 55%, mostly I only get about 10-25%. I feel like it doesn't matter how much patĂȘ, beef and spinach I eat in a day it's never enough.

Does anyone know if there is any other key food that holds a lot of Iron that I'm missing out on? I'm considering getting some Iron tablets so help me out. I already take vitamin D actually, my grandma made me do it because she felt so much better after she started to use it! Especially a cold place like Norway it's not such a bad idea since we don't always get that much sun!