A by A

I don't know what happened to me a while ago. I suddenly got a kick and became really productive! I've been working out, doing dishes and laundry and taken the dog for walks and I have barely stopped the entire day, that's why I have let it be OK to only do one blog per day on some occasions, I apologize. It's great, though! I love having so much energy and I'm not quite sure where it came from!

Yesterday Ken and I spontaneously decided to have a BBQ. The food was just so good and we had it on the terrace. I thought it was lovely! I've been sunbathing a lot too and I'm starting to get a nice tan! I miss the tan days I had in Spain. I didn't even need to try I was just tan from hanging out.

Alessandra Ambrosio has started her own fashion blog, which is so exciting!! I'm obviously a big fan of hers and I'm really excited that she's doing it, especially since she's such an insider! You can find it here.