Inside The Actors Studio

Every now and again I hear about really famous things waaaaaay later than everyone else and suddenly hear that everyone knows about it already!

This is one of those things! 

For the people who are like myself, an outsider when it comes to certain things, Inside The Actors studio is an actors academy who interview really big actors. They ask them about everything like their life story, acting, their different roles and so on. I think it's particularly interesting because it's not a 10 minute interview with them to promote their new movie, show or anything like that. It's really all about them in a way that you can only read in biographies, but it's in their own words. Their personalities just shine through in such a wonderful way, it's a really fun to watch and also really inspiring to me!

The one thing I noticed is how big their personalities are and that they seems so comfortable in their own skin. I also really enjoy hearing their different stories of how they got into acting, their struggles and their hilarious stories, they have so many of those!

Here are three that I found really inspiring, there is so much more on YouTube, I haven't seen that many, but I might recommend some more when I have!