Friends, babies and growing up

Yesterday and this morning I had driving lessons where we practiced roundabouts. I always thought that would be pretty hard, but it's not so hard at all. I really need to read to take the theory test, but the thought of taking the test makes me so nervous. I better get it over with, though!

Tonight I'm going out to my friend Helene and hang out with her and the girls. Helene is pregnant and expecting a little boy in October. I'm so excited! She's the first in the group to be pregnant and told the rest of us that we should start having kids too. I'm barely ready for her to have a baby, I'm so far away from being ready to have one of my own. It's weird having a friend who's finished with her education, has a house, a fiance, a car and soon a baby boy. I couldn't be further from feeling established yet and I'm in no rush. It's ok, though. Helene is three years older than me and I remember asking her about things I was insecure about when growing up. It makes sense in a way that she's the first one to be a mum and she'll be a great one for sure!

I'm excited to see the group as usual. It's the best girls! I love being out in the world and living abroad, I feel like I belong on any crazy adventure and that gives me a sense of meaning. One of the hardest parts of being abroad for so long, though, is being away from the girls. They are the people who's known me the longest and knows me the best. Those are the people I imagine sitting in an retirement home with when I'm 80, talking about the weird adventures and fun things we came up with when we were young and they give me the home-feeling. That I can just walk down the street and find a whole bunch of my best friends is the best!

It's surprisingly hard to find a picture of all of us, I suppose we have such a good time, we have no time to take lots of pictures. I found a few through the years, though. It gives me such a giggle looking at old photos!!  Here are some photos:)