Muse time!

At this very moment I'm out seeing Muse. They should be on stage in an hour! This is a pre-written post, but I can guarantee that I am very, very excited at this moment!! 

I'm going with Ken. Almost all my friend are going, but we all have plans before hand so we are meeting up afterwards. I would love to go out, so much, but I'm pretty sure we have to go home to the dog! Ah, well! There are plenty of opportunities to go out with everybody this summer!

The New York hotel is booked for September!! I'm so freaking excited I don't even know what to do! 

Zander says hi, btw! I went to see him yesterday morning!  I rode him for a while, but like last time he had to whinny so much to check on Tarkan! He was being a little bit difficult, but it was fine! I'm sure he thought I was being difficult too. I only had time to ride him for 30 minutes!

I wrote this yesterday and I heard the weather was going to be sunny today, but it's so hard to imagine because it's still pouring down like crazy right now (as in yesterday evening).

I can't imagine spending a Friday evening better than I am right now! I hope you have a great evening too :) 

Cute Zander!

Cute Zander!