Rebel on little things

Sometimes I love doing random things that are not quite ordinary. Like getting up in the morning and eat candy or fast food first thing, it tastes extra great in the morning! Or eating desert before dinner. Or go to a restaurant by yourself because you kind of feel like it, but don't feel like making plans with anyone. Or get up extremely early for no reason, early mornings have their own vibe that you don't experience at any other time during the day. You know, when you are up before everyone else and just notice the whole town slowly, but surely coming to life to start the day. Besides you are really productive if you get up early, I've noticed. I suppose that's where the saying 'getting up early is the key to success' comes from.

Jenny and I used to sneak out around 4-5 in the morning almost every morning when we were 15 to sit on top of the local gas station to smoke a lot and just hang out. It was so nice. My mum had no clue until recently when I told her, actually.

Two or three days ago I felt a bit the same way when Ken and I went for a walk around 2.30 in the morning. It was raining, but it wasn't cold at all and all the streets were completely empty. I noticed that the bushes along the road were full of small raindrops that made it look like glitter or jewelry or something and thought it was so pretty. I would never have noticed on any other time of the day and it was there was because no one had touched it so the drops would go off. I thought that was really cool!

I only had my iPhone, but the photos I took turned out pretty great! :)