Birthdays and Supermodels

Good morning!

On Wednesday it's Kens birthday and I'm gong to town today to get the last stuff for his day! He didn't want anything big, just a pizza and a movie and that's what he's getting!

I will show some pictures from his birthday for sure. I'm really excited about it!! I'm always excited about birthdays, particularly my own, but Ken's a good second! I like buying presents and organizing, last year I organized an awesome BBQ party and gave him a book I made myself called '100 things I like about you' (other things too of course, but that was my favourite), I felt so clever and excited when I came up with that! This year, like I said, we are taking it easy. I'm pretty nervous because I ordered the main present which is so cool ages ago, I got a letter in the mail that I had to print and send to the post the receipt, I assume they want to know how much to charge me in tax to pick it up. I did it straight away, but I haven't heard anything from them since. If the present doesn't arrive today I'm going to freak out!

Ken's given me some awesome birthday gifts too. The first year he bought me a muffin and took me to Tiffany's pretty early so that I could have breakfast at Tiffany's as that is my favourite movie and then he bought me a necklace. It's my round necklace that has an 'E' in it, it's my favourite and I wear it so much, I'm sure you've seen it at some point if you have followed me!

This year he threw and awesome surprise party for me. The best party I attended this year, for sure! He also got me a book I was dying to get called 'What would Audrey do' about Audrey Hepburn. It's a must if you're a Audrey fan like me. So is having a boyfriend who wants to give you everything you wish for! He's the best! 

I'm ending the blog with this amazing video I found. I'm crazy about the old supermodels, you know, Cindy, Linda, Kate, Claudia, Stephanie, Christy, Helena and also Naomi which is the main star in this video. If you are passionate about fashion, you'll now who they all are! Linda and Cindy is in this video too, I just love it! Naomi is just bursting with energy, personality and spunk, I love watching her!