Sunday Girl

My great friend, Grete, took one of my photos and edited it too look really cool. I figured I had to show it of! She's a very talented artist as well. I think she does mostly portraits, they are really amazing! You can see some of them here: 

It looks great this way too, I want to say it looks a bit old fashioned, but it also looks very modern, so will we say a modern 60s style? I love how that sounds! Here it is: 


I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday evening. It's raining like crazy here so I'm spending it inside as much as I can apart from when I walk the dog. I'm probably going to spend the evening reading Vogue.

I did a review this morning on one of my favorite products to have in my makeup bag! It's really the best thing you can get to make your lipstick last all day, it's called Lipcote and doesn't cost much at all! You can ready my review here .

Have the best Sunday evening <3