Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday morning! Friday is a great day, I love when it's coming up and the weekend is just around the corner! It's Friday 12th this time, not 13th thankfully for most people. I find that 13 is my lucky number, though, so Friday 13th has always been good to me! The weather is so nice here lately, I've been so busy that I haven't gotten to enjoy it properly, but today it's more gray unfortunately!

Lately I've been so bad food wise! I always eat healthy things, but I've been eating a lot of chocolate lately and more burgers than I'd like to admit just because it was convenient. It's been somewhat fine because I've been exercising a lot so I haven't been eating more calories than I've burned, but still. I don't think it's OK so eat that much bad stuff. I feel it on my body straight away! It's time to go back to less carbs and more green tea!  

I will do yoga today, no excuses! I better treat myself correctly or I'll have to pay for it later!  I have to say I love working out, eating right and exercising it's just hard to start, but when you're into it already, it's amazing! Taking a shower is like that too sometimes, I hate the thought of it and don't want to do it, but when I do it I really enjoy it.

Have a beautiful day everybody!