Unlocking Swedish mysteries and riding Zander

Yesterday Ken and I attended a dinner at my mums house with two of her friends from work. They are both Swedish and I finally learned something I've wondered my entire life. In Norway we have 'Swedish jokes' which is jokes about how stupid the Swedish are. Like: 'Why does Swedish people pee with the door open? Because they are afraid someone will peek through the keyhole'  and 'Why does Swedish people crawl on the floor in the grocery store? They are looking for the lowest prices.' There are thousands of those. Finally I found out that they have the exact same jokes about us!! I wonder who the Danish people joke about.. Maybe they joke about both Norwegians and Swedish people!

Dinner was lovely, we were served meatloaf, which I actually think I haven't had before. The Swedish guys were really impressed by Bergen's mountains. If you don't know already Bergen is between seven mountains. I always completely forget about it, I take for granted that you can just walk up mountains any day! It was also nice to hear more about Swedish culture. 

Today we were up bright and early and went to the stable. We took the bus out which takes forever, thankfully my mum was kind enough to pick us up afterwards so we only had to do it once, or else it almost takes all day! It's nice to have time for other things during the day too. Zander was in great form, but I rode him alone in the outside arena and he didn't like it so much. He would neigh all the time calling for Tarkan, Jenny's horse, he didn't like being away from him so much. It was OK, though. Especially when there came more horses in the arena everything was great! Before we left the stable we let Zander and Tarkan loose on the fields, they looked really happy!

Ken has lots of neck pains and is not feeling too good, but he's been with me on everything! Isn't it amazing? I love having him around so it makes me really happy! 

Loosing concentration a little bit because he had to call for Tarkan! 

Loosing concentration a little bit because he had to call for Tarkan!