Mysterious Texts From the Mystery Woman

A few days ago I got a very mysterious text from a woman I had never met (I could tell because I googled the number, of course). She had asked me to ride and take care of her two horses. I thought that was very flattering and figured I'd say no because I assumed it was some random shabby racehorses or something like that. I mean, who would text a stranger to take care of their horses! I assumed a hillbilly!

Turned out she had gotten the number from my dad and she was the nicest!! We got along so easily straight away and she had two beautiful horses. One big dressage horse and one pony, half Arabian and half something else.

It's really close to the stable I usually ride Zander so I know the area a little bit even though it's a million miles away, at least it feels like it! It takes so long to go there. I'm looking forward to ride the dressage horse, the pony is too small for any of us to ride. The dressage horse, called Satisfaction, is pulling a tooth tomorrow poor guy! I can't even imagine the pain!! His leg is a little bit sore too, so I only walked with him today and will again this weekend.

Bettina was going all crazy at the stable. She did not like that I was taking care of them at all. She would not stop whining and barking. She was tied up just 2 meters away from us and could see us at all times! I'm not used to the whole dog business, but I want to ignore her because I think she should be able to be tied up and not whine and things like that. On the other hand it sounds like she's in agony and I feel sorry for her because I'm scared she has abandonment issues and is scared we will leave her. I'm insecure on what to do and how to behave towards her!

I'm also on Vine, btw! I love browsing Vine, but I'm not sure if I'll use it much. I uploaded a video of the horse over there, though. My user name should just be Emily Eyra so you can find me:) 

Look at those two! I can see them being best friends already! 

Look at those two! I can see them being best friends already!