Endomondo update

I haven't been too good this month, but it's OK! I've been so busy with other things. I usually like eating healthy, but lately I haven't been too good when it comes to that either. Since it's a Monday and July 1st at the same time I thought it was a perfect opportunity to start healthy eating again. I've also been doing yoga again which is great. I got a little tired of it for a while because I did it every day, but now I'm into it again. It's so weird to see I did the cycling this month on Mandy's bicycle in Ireland. I feel like it's several months ago we left Ireland, but we only left 3rd of June.

Now I better go do yoga, make myself some green tea and lemon water, have an apple and prepare the salmon for dinner, it's a great start! I also got up around 9 this morning to get into a better sleeping pattern. I'm happy I was up so early because the rain smelled so good, I'm happy I didn't sleep that away.

gI_82121_Clean Eating Recipes Logo.JPG

I'm already in a better mood, I don't know why I ever bother to not eat healthy it does so much for the mood! I also got a new app called Clean Eating Recipes that I really like. It's not too complicated which I love. Although I have a big interest in food and cooking I'm not the best cook so easy recipes are my favourite! You can find the app here.

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