Cleaning, a surprise visit and a great dress

Yesterday my grandma and her husband spontaneously drove the 8 hours it takes for them to drive from where they live to our place in Bergen. They arrived around 9 in the evening. It's always lovely to have them here so I am very excited! Right now my grandma is working away on cleaning things that's already clean, like grandmas do!

They brought their big rottweiler. Her name is Roma, she's two years old and she is the happiest dog you'll ever meet. She is so massive, but she still likes to make her way up on someones lap and just sit there to cuddle. I don't think she has any idea how huge and heavy she is! It's really funny!  

Yesterday I spent the day tidying and cleaning. It was nice getting it done. For example: there was a cardboard box with some books in it on top a shelf that had been there forever and I finally got to tidy it away, stuff like that feels so good to get done, haha! Certain areas in the house is always a little messy too, I hate it, but I don't always have motivation to do something about it. Especially because it's not my own stuff, it's often my dad's so I have no idea where he wants it, but yesterday I was thinking 'whatever', you know! I just did it anyway and now everything looks much better!

Since I don't really have any photos of either the family or me cleaning I'll show a photo from Dublin we took after a night out. I love that dress, but we never got to shoot it properly! It's not the last time I'll wear it, though, so next time we will:)