Lazy Days

Yesterday was pretty much dedicated to relax and do nothing. You'd think that would make today easier and more fillet with energy, but not at all. I woke up more tired than ever. I went to the store with Ken and the walk seemed to make it better.

We got so much food! We wouldn't need to go to the store again for at least 4 days. I love that! For some reason it gives me great pleasure to feel like I'm on top of things, even small things like that. We can buy food and fill up the small things, but we won't be out of food for a good while.

It's also nice planning meals ahead because it's much easier to stay healthy that way. You won't fall into the temptation of buying take away or indulge in something unhealthy you fancy. I'm very motivated to eat healthy again now, I think I got all unhealthy cravings out of the system in Ireland. I just find the hard part is to make it a one time thing and not a habit and we seem to manage.