I can't believe it's July tomorrow. I always go all year feeling like I wait for summer and when it's here, time goes much too quickly! Especially this year because spring came so very late, there was no build up, it was really cold and the weather was bad until, literally, one day it was sunny and within hours entire Bergen was in bloom. Two days later I left for Ireland. The weather was lovely in Ireland, though, so I'm not complaining.

I think this year is the first year I've actually been sunbathing in Ireland and Norway. It was really warm. Usually I think it's too cold or too windy so I prefer not to sunbathe unless I'm in a warmer country, but this year I actually did. I love that, I look so much better with a tan, and if I spend some time in the sun I even get a few freckles, which I always love, I wish I had them all year! I always envy girls who manage to rock pale skin, though. I wish I was one of you, any form of tanning is time consuming!

Right now the weather is pretty moody. We've had bigger thunder storms the last few weeks than I've even experienced in Bergen before. It's really warm and humid and within minutes it's freezing again and it's been raining a lot the last few days. Now, I miss the warm weather and the summer feeling again. That was the great part about living in a country like Spain, you always knew what you were waking up to because it was always sunny! It pretty much never stopped! I was so impressed, you NEVER know what weather you wake up to here in Bergen. You need all sorts of different clothes to be prepared while in Gran Canaria you only needed shorts, dresses and bikinis.

Here are photos from my summer so far:)