Execise and that

As the month is over I will show my exercise diary. I haven't been very good this month. I've been walking a lot, but that's not really a workout, just exercise. I've pretty much stopped doing yoga all together. I think I will start again soon, but sometimes when I do something a lot I just have to stop and I'm all of a sudden completely turned of it. I had done all the yoga classes I had so many times it was really time for a break for me. I'll still enjoy it when I do it, though, I'm looking forward to be excited about it again.

Mandy has an exercise bike so I did some cycling on that the other day. I love doing things I haven't done in a while or is new. I used to cycle a bit a few years ago, but I stopped at some point because I got so sick of it! 

Skjermbilde 2013-06-01 kl. 20.55.51.png