30 Days Challenge - 12. Your phone

After I moved to Ireland I got some sort of curse that made my iPhone break over and over again. Thankfully I knew a guy called Paddy. He was lovely and would fix my phone really cheap and it got cheaper and cheaper every time I did it because I was in his store so much. In the end he would replace the glass for my front and back of the phone for 80 euros and every time I came into his store he would laugh and ask if my phone broke, most likely it had. Before I left Ireland it broke again and I never fixed it, it would literally break within a week of having it fixed so I gave up fixing it. Sometimes it would even brake for no reason, like if I was going for a walk with it in my pocket I would take it out to look at it and it was broken. How?!


I've had various covers on it, right now I have a pink one. I truly hate having a cover on it, though. I think it looks so chic without it and it's just so big and annoying with the cover.