Getting ready to go to Ireland in the laziest way possible

Right now I'm so excited to go to Ireland, I'm just starting to pack now, we are leaving tomorrow afternoon. It's almost a shame to leave this beautiful weather we have here in Bergen right now, I've been out in the sun instead of getting ready to pack! I'm so very, very excited to just be in Dublin and to see Lana Del Rey of course. Only two days until I see her! We are flying tomorrow first to Frankfurt and then Dublin. It's going to be pretty easy going hopefully since it's a Saturday. Saturdays are always easy traveling days, not that many people travel that day. I'm so used to packing, I pretty much got it all down what I need to bring every time, but this time I'm going to make finished outfits to bring so I don't have to wish I had something I didn't bring and stuff like that.

Maybe I'll blog you from the airport tomorrow:)