30 Days Challenge - 8. A 3 Year old picture of you

When I was going to find a three year old photo of me I went on Facebook to see if I could find a decent one. I realized straight away that 2010 was an awesome year!! I had to pick a lot more than one photo!

2010 was the year I:


Turned 18 and a week or so later broke my leg


Went to a party dressed as Ashley Olsen. I went with crutches and heels. As you can see I'm hanging out with Paris Hilton.


Started going out on Mondays with Karoline and it was awesome!


Started being a tourist in my own city with Karoline.


Hung out with Ann Charlotte


Found myself drinking Frappuccino in Time Square


Went to see Muse in Oslo with the best girls! Queuing was awful because it was raining and freezing!


Posed for a picture in our hotel in New York


Hung out on Brooklyn Bridge with the bestie


Had a shopping break outside Macy's in NY


Cruised around in Jim's roofless car in New Jersey


Fell asleep on a train in England on our way back from New York


Hung out with a bunch of carrots/oompa loompas at Glastonbury


Had the BEST time at Glastonbury! My phone died the first day of Glasto so I had no pictures of my own, unfortunately. Here I'm with the lovely Lara and Jenny of course:) 


Went to Sweden to see Motley Crue (and Iggy Pop((who touched my hand)), Iron Maiden ++) with Ann Charlotte and Karoline and stayed at the same hotel as Iron Maiden. This is the day after the concert. 


Met up with my dad in London. 

And that was just the first half of the year. When fall came I moved to Spain all alone for the first time. I would re-live that year anytime if I could, it was so exciting. No wonder I get restless and unhappy if most days look the same. That year must have spoiled me for life, but it doesn't matter, I know I wouldn't have trade it for all the money in the world and I know now exactly what I want and love.