17th of May!

Today is Norway's day. We're all celebrating and enjoying life. I'm celebrating by first going to town to see parades and other cool stuff going on, wearing my Bunad of course, then having lunch with my mum. Later on I'm going home changing and then I'll go out with my friends, I think. We'll see! I've heard Bergen celebrate it better than any other city here, it's so much fun! If that's true or not I'm not sure because I've never been anywhere else in Norway on 17th of May.


Bunad is a traditional Norwegian dress that you normally get as a Confirmation gift when you are 15. It is hand made just for you and it represents where you are from in Norway. Each place has it's own dress. I could pretty much choose since I was born in Trondheim, raised in Bergen where my mum is from and my dad's side is from Telemark. I thought the south-Telemark one was the most beautiful so I chose that one. My dress was a gift from my beautiful Grandma who is from Telemark so I think she was very happy with my choice. I always gets lots of compliments for my dress as most peoplehave dresses from Bergen or at least west Norway. This is what it looks like:


Last year Ken and I had planned to come to Norway from Dublin to be here for this date, but we decided to go to a Guns n' Roses concert instead with my friends. The year before that I was living in Spain and didn't make it home then either so I'm particularly excited this year. The whole day is like a big party.

Happy birthday Norway!!

17 Mai tog.jpg