30 Days Challenge - 22. Your 5 favorite handbags

My handbags are very dear to me as they are to most women. The Dior bag and the Chanel bag were both gifts from Ken. He always makes such an effort to give me what I want and when I got them I was just so happy and surprised, it's such good memories! The green and pink bag I found at a second hand shop and though it was way too cute to leave!

The black shiny bag is from Stradivarius. Stradivarius is a Spanish label that I discovered while living in Spain. They have stores all over Europe, but when I was in Spain that was pretty much the only place I shopped. I completely fell in love with that store!

The nude coloured bag is from Mango, also Spanish. One time it got stolen and I had to buy one that was exactly the same because I loved it so much. I couldn't bare the thought of never having it again, it goes with almost anything!