30 Days Challenge - 20. The Perfume You're Using

My signature perfume I've always had is J'Adore from Dior. I just love it, I think it's so nice and elegant too. I've had that one for the last five years, I think. The other two I have is Chance by Chanel and Brit Sheer by Burberry. I love them both. Especially Chance by Chanel it's so sweet, fresh but somewhat modest at the same time. The Burberry one I used to use all the time when I lived in Spain. As soon as I put it on it takes me right back to the sun and waves from the Atlantic ocean and I can feel the light breeze through my hair. I love that.

As you can see my J'Adore is almost empty. I better buy a new one. Maybe now when I travel again! I'm super excited!