30 Days Challenge - 19. What's in my purse

I think I just have really typical things. In the make-up bag I just have the essentials like lip-balm, scrunchie (or what to call it? The thin kind, not the big fabric kind), my Emily-hairbrush, powder and eyelash glue if I'm wearing eyelashes. I love my Emily-hairbrush, Ken and Mandy (his mum) surprised me with it which was very nice! It folds in, btw, in case you haven't seen a travel-hairbrush before. On my make-up bag you can see I have a little Winnie the Pooh figure in a bee suit, so cute!! Other than that I bring a lipstick if I feel like it, my phone, keys, my wallet and gum. I really need a new wallet. I've needed one for years, but I can never find one I love. I usually only buy things I really love so that's why it's so shabby looking.

So, yeah! That's it:)