Mental Capacity Reached

Hey! I was working on a blog and suddenly my computer let me know there were no more space and I needed to delete files. Fair enough, I hate "cleaning" up my computer, it makes me stressed and frustrated because I feel like things aren't working properly and it takes way longer than I want it too. It's nothing like real life where you can see the progress slowly, but surely. No, nothing changes and it just feels like a waste of time. If something goes wrong I can never tell why either which makes it that much more difficult, I have to constantly ask Ken, haha! He's the best though and thankfully he always manages to make me laugh when I'm frustrated so it makes me feel a little bit better:) Right now I'm blogging from my iPad for the first time! It seems fine to me, but when I wrote the first few sentences it looked so funny because my keyboard was set to Norwegian so it looked like this: I was Whiskey no a blogg and my computer let me knop Therese eiere no more space. Haha!!