Forget everything I said yesterday about Spring finally being here! Suddenly yesterday evening it's started snowing like crazy. It didn't feel cold at all, but for some reason it was snowing, snowing a lot!

While I was sleeping sweetly last night I was woken by the loudest thunder ever. Not quite understanding what was going on at the time, I obviously thought it was the end of the world. Right afterwards, though, there were lightning and within less than a second another super loud thunder. It started to hail like crazy for about two minutes and suddenly it was quiet again, but a lot colder. We had the window open so we really noticed it. The whole thing was so odd, it was like the clouds were fighting for warmth a little longer. Unfortunately though, cold won. Now it looks like this:

From last night

From last night

It's rather dramatic, haha! I'm not too excited to go out later, but it might just be really fun. Hope you're enjoying the day wherever in the world you may be:)