I've had this thing for years that I don't like egg white. I'll boil eggs and only eat the yolk, usually on bread or something. I know the white is really, really healthy so today I decided to eat it. I actually quite enjoyed it too. Not so much on its own, but spoons with both white and yolk was actually surprisingly good! I'm so proud, haha! I made myself two whole eggs so there!

Other than that I've had another driving lesson. More city driving, I'm not fond at all. I'm excited to get it over with.

My lunch:)

My lunch:)

My dad is home for dinner today, yay! He's always out and working so I don't see him that much. I'm making salmon for us later, I'm so excited! I think salmon might be my favorite food ever. I'm also going to update the "Recipes" blog to show you how I like to make it.