30 Days Challenge - 2. 10 Facts nobody knows about you

Now, day 2 of the challenge. 10 Facts nobody knows about you. Here we go:

1. I love walking

2. I have been to around 20 funerals, but never a wedding ( No wonder I used to have such a gloomy outlook on life)

3. I have moved house at least 20 times

4. I started horse riding when I was six, it's been a passion ever since

5. Ken (my current boyfriend) is my first boyfriend

6. I love singing, but I never sing so anyone can hear

7. When I was a kid there was a bird nest in one of the trees in school and some friends and I decided to take an egg from the fridge and try to make it to a chicken again. We would keep it warm and we took turns on who would bring it home from school to keep it warm at night. During the days in school we would put it in the nest to see if any bird would adopt the egg. It ended with me dropping it on the floor and as it had obviously not turned into a bird, it went all over my mum's shoes.

8. Right now I've lost 10 kg since January

9. I have lived in four different cities/towns

10. I wanted to play piano since I was really young, but wasn't aloud by my parents. When I was sixteen I decided that was the time and found someone to give me lessons. I learned quickly and I'm a classical player. My favorite composers are Rachmaninoff and Chopin. I play a lot of Debussy (which I love because of the funny chords and his clearly out of the box thinking. It always brings a great challenge), Beethoven, Mozart and Eric Satie. 

I hope that's some decent facts about me! If there is anything else, please ask. I hope there were at least one fact in there even the people who know me well didn't know.