30 Days Challenge


Isn't Bergen beautiful? I was in town yesterday doing some shopping and seeing my mum and Ken when they finished work. We went to subway together and it was really nice!

I have decided to do a 30 day challenge I found at Fotballfrue.no. It could be fun! Some of the questions feel a little personal, but it doesn't hurt to push my boundaries a little.

Day 1:  Your latest buy
Day 2: 10 facts nobody knows about you
Day 3: Something or someone you miss
Day 4: Your 3 favorite songs right now
Day 5: A song that makes you cry
Day 6: One thing you will never do
Day 7: Your favorite food
Day 8: A 3 year old picture of you
Day 9: Your jewelry
Day 10: A picture of you taken today
Day 11: A picture of your handwriting
Day 12: Your phone
Day 13: 5 things you wish for
Day 14: Somehting you're scared of
Day 15: My Room
Day 16: A song you're really tired of
Day 17: 10 people/things you would bring to an island
Day 18: A picture of you as a child
Day 19: What's in your purse
Day 20: The perfume you're using
Day 21: Your worst vice
Day 22: Your 5 favorite bags
Day 23: Your night stand
Day 24: A picture of you just when you woke up
Day 26: Your favorite product right now
Day 27: A song that describes how you feel today
Day 28: A joke you find funny
Day 29: A celebrity you look like
Day 30: The weirdest thing you own

So, I guess I'll just start then!

My latest buy is Pukka detox tea which I am really excited about. I'm actually drinking it for the first time as we speak. I made some for Ken and my dad too and they both seem to enjoy it.


I haven't tried any detox before so I'm excited!