Sex and the City


Once again I'm addicted to Sex and the City. I have watched through all six seasons more times than I can count and somehow it never gets old. Those girls are just too fab and it's so fun that they are in Manhattan. When I was there a while back I took a Sex and the City bus tour that showed you so many locations they had been shooting. It was so much fun, it's a must if you're in Manhattan!


I'm not a big smoker, but I do enjoy the occasional cigarette. When Carrie smokes, though, it looks so good. I don't know what she does differently from other smokers, but I constantly crave a cigarette when I see her smoke, haha!

I watched the show in so many different stages in my life. I started watching it when I was seventeen, I think. Just after the first movie had come out. I got the box set as a birthday gift from Jenny. I still think it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. I don't have the box set with me here to Norway (It's in my storage unit in Ireland) and I've genuinely missed it on several occasions! Anyway, I started watching it when I was pretty young and obviously the way you look at things then and now are so very different. Every time I see it I've grown up a little bit more and every time I see it I have different opinions on the show and what happens, it's rather interesting. The only thing that never changed is my love for the show!