Rainy days

One of those days.


I quite like those days from time to time. I missed the rain a little bit since it's only been snowing and sunny. It's really windy today too, I woke up of Ken trying to close the window because it blew open.

I got an email from Nelly today saying I was one of their 10.000 best costumers and got to see the sale before other people. So random! It's a good sale though, I've already found a few things I want to get, I'm excited!

Skjermbilde 2013-04-14 kl. 13.04.39.png

I saw the other day that they have made a comic book of Coco Chanel. I'm definitely wanting that! It says on different websites that it will be available, but I do not see a date anywhere. For all I know it might be out already! I have found out, though, it will be 23 euro. It is about her personal life, I wonder so much what it is going to look like!

I'm just staying in tonight making some nice food, but first I'm doing some yoga. I'll see you later:)