Yesterday at the Coachella festival Daft Punk showed the video for their new song, 'Get Lucky'. It's so 80's, but I really love that, haha! It's featuring Pharrell and Nile Rogers. On Daft Punk's new album they are collaborating with a whole lot of cool people like Julian Casablancas, so excited for that! I gotta go to Coachella some time! It's always got an amazing lineup.

Psy also showed a new single live called 'Gentleman', is this a new trend? I love 'Gangnam Style' and this song is really good too. I can imagine dancing to this one in a club or something. I think Psy is really funny and for some reason I still get excited when 'Gangnam Style' comes on even though I've heard it a trillion times.


Ken found a really old pc game called Theme Hospital that we both used to play when we were kids. It so funny to play it again. So random too, I keep remembering things as we go and I get total flashback from when I was nine, haha! I was a total gamer when I was around nine. I played Tarzan, My Little Pony, Sims 1, Theme Hospital and some other horse-games that I liked.
 My gaming phase stopped after that, Ken loves games, but I can't keep the interest for it for more than 20 min and if it ever gets tough I rather want to just give up. I didn't have time for games or boys or anything when I was young, I was only interested in horse riding.


I've done the advanced strength yoga class again and it felt so much easier than last time, I love when that happens!

I'm making spaghetti later and I'm thinking about posting the recipe for the spaghetti sauce. I love that sauce, it would be pretty tricky to post a proper recipe because I just take a little bit of oil, some garlic, a little bit of this, some more of that, you know that way, haha! I've got to measure it somehow, I'll do my best anyway:)