My Fair Lady


Yesterday I hang out with Jenny which was fun as always. We watched the movie "My fair lady" feauting Audrey Hepburn. One of the Audrey movies I hadn't seen yet. It was a nice movie, it was really shocking though to see Audrey in a role like that. She's lower class with a real broad English accent (not the posh kind). She meets up with a guy called Mr. Higgins who decides to take a challenge to make her a lady. She's not playing a cute person who deserves it or anything. She's reckless and screams all the time, which makes it that much funnier and more interesting to see how he's going to change her. The ending was so odd, I did not know what they meant by it. It could be their take on an open ending, but I always find those so unsatisfying. The rest of the movie, though, was really funny.

How pretty is it even possible to be!

How pretty is it even possible to be!

J and I

J and I

Earlier on in the day I tried something new. I made a salad with shredded pork which was surprisingly delicious.


It's definitely worth a try:)