Another nice day with Zander is over. Today was a little bit more filled with action as Zander at some point threw me off, haha! It was pretty funny, He started bucking like crazy because some people were practicing jumping. First I held on so tight so when he bucked me out of the saddle I was kind of sitting really far back on his back, like, behind the saddle. Then he started bucking because I was sitting there. Then I just figured it was time to let go and fall off, haha! He didn't run away or anything, he was very nice, he just stood there.

When Ken and I were leaving the stable to go to the bus it started snowing like crazy, it was so freezing and we were so wet by the end of it. We bought another burger on the way home, it's was gooood! When we were on the train and it stopped at our stop we couldn't manage to get the door open, it was broken or something. We didn't manage to get to the other door in time and missed our stop. Just as I was going to the other door to try to open it, some guy who were sitting there suddenly got up so fast and walked as fast as he could to the other end of the train to sit there instead, it was so odd!! I wonder if I did something, haha!! He was wearing sunglasses and was carrying a suspicious bag, maybe he had something to hide.

We just sat at the next stop eating our burgers waiting for a train back. It wasn't quite our day today, but those days always makes for good stories. I'm happy now though, I'm inside eating chocolate.

It's actually snowing so much right now, I hope it goes away quickly and the sun comes back:)