I need you, I don't need you

Today I'm planning on tidying the house. Whenever it gets pretty busy I suddenly am too lazy to tidy so it just builds up and I have to set an entire day of just to tidy and clean. It's not so bad though, every now and again I actually even enjoy it. I can just listen to music and the time will fly.

Ken is currently working hard on his new website. You can find it here. It's a gaming website called "Flying Orc". Where he came up with the name is impossible to say, but it's so random and funny that it's great. I know there will be artwork on the site soon, I'm excited to see it, I assume it's just a flying orc, haha! It's going to be great. His page is so successful and he turned me on to getting a website on my own.

Now I better get back to tidying! Hope you're enjoying this sunny day:)